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Do not serve for the sake of reward and name. Do not take donations. Serve because you are urged by Love. Do not worry about the result. Help as much as you can, as efficiently as you can, as silently as you can and  leave the rest to Swami.

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Homepage Medicare NutriCare  As of 31st  December 2014, Free Clinic  has seen 13891 Patients, Men - 3064, Women -  8244, Boys - 1533, Girls - 1050  Referrals - 725

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Free clinic NutriCare

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At Clinic

M-Male, F-Female, B-Boys, G-Girls, R - Referrals

07 Jan 15 (27) M-2,F-23,B-2

05 Jan 15 (24) M-5,F-12,B-3,G-4

02 Jan 15 (29) M-7,F-20,B-2

31 Dec 14 (22) M-8,F-10,B-3,G-1

26 Dec 14 (35) M-5,F-20,B-6,G-4


Mobile Medical Service

Camp: Bingi Veedhi, Vizianagaram

30 Dec 14: (116) M-28,F-75,B-8,G-5

Referrals - 10 (Ortho M-3 F-4, Medical OP M-1 F-2)


Camp: Mangala Veedhi, Vizianagaram

16 Dec 14: (114) M-13,F-82,B-9,G-10

Referrals - 15 (Ortho F12, Paediatric- B-1 G-1,  Medical OP  F1)



Free Medical Clinic is established in slum areas of Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh State in India.

Most of the villagers in these areas are Rikshaw pullers and daily labourers . Free Clinic serves 12,000 people in this area.

Dr. A Sri Ramamurthy of Sri Sai Super Speciality Hospital in Vizianagaram,  kindly agreed to provide his professional support for smooth running of the clinic. The clinic is started from 01/01/2012

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